iOS 4.3.3 does not work with PPTP 無法連接PPTP VPN

iOS升上4.3.3之後,忽然間無法連上家裡的PPTP VPN,去中國出差全都靠這個來翻牆了說…害我上次去iPhone都沒辦法連上一堆台灣網站超無趣~

終於~找到問題了~原來是把iPhone上面VPN連線加密等級調整到自動或最高就搞定了…= =


1. In the Settings app, choose General then Network then VPN.

IMG_0774 IMG_0775 IMG_0776

2. Select Add VPN Configuration…


3. At the top choose PPTP and give this configuration a descriptive label.

4. For Server put in the IP address of your U-verse residential gateway. (Setting up something like Dynamic DNS with DD-WRT is left as an exercise to the reader.)

5. For Account put in the username field from the CHAP-Secrets text box above.

6. Leave RSA SecurID off and put in the password field from the CHAP-Secrets text box.


7. Under Encryption Level select Maximum.(or Auto)

8. Select Save in the upper right hand corner.


PPTP VPN for iOS with AT&T Uverse and DD-WRT

PPTP Won't work after 4.3 Upgrade



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